What to expect from my Custom workout and nutrition plans

‘’ I do belive that 90 Days is a good start point for a lifestyle and behavior change.”

Setting smart goals is the key to succeed and stay motivated.
Take one step at the time and make small adjustments.
If you follow the program protocol, you will get results.
Some people will need more than 90 days to get their body changed and meet their goals but is all about consistency and appreciate what you have achieved. 
We all have different bodies, metabolism, lifestyle, and is important understand these aspects and trust the process.
The Coach play a big role in guiding the client through the process, making sure the client stays healthy physically and emotionally. 
Constantly feedbacks are necessary to improve the relationship keeps the Coach aware what’s going on.
Remember that you are not alone in this journey.
From my side I will give as much support to ensure you reach your goals but the most of the work and effort will be in your hands.
Is all about how much you are willing to make a change.

Things you need to know:

  • Step 1: Choose the Program and fill out the application
  • Step 2: Confirmation email 
  • Step 3: If we agree work together, I will send the Payment Invoice by Paypal
  • Step 4: Payment confirmation 
  • Step 5: Assessment Forms to fill out

This form is for to let me know more about your health, fitness level, goals, lifestyle.
*I usually ask 2 business day to work on the Custom program.
Check-ins are weekly for measurements and every other week for pictures. Then I can assess and together we will make a decision what’s come next.

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