I am Vania Bradway, Fitness and Wellness Coach, and also a Physique Competitor.

I love what I do!  Nothing makes me happier then seeing people happy and satisfied with their results. 

When I can help create and contribute positive changes in people’s lives is when I feel that I have done my job.

I have been training clients over the years, but due to moving a few times I wasnt able to continue training them. That is why I have decided to create this website to help cater to all my clientele, near and far.



Vania Bradway

I started my journey dancing and use to be a professional dancer. Since I was teaching and performing, I chose Physical Education as my major in college, which gave me a better vision for what I could potentially do in the field. 

I have been working as a PE teacher. I teach fitness classes and developed women only Strength training programs, from beginners to advanced, at NYU Abu Dhabi for over 5 years. 

What I really love to do is coaching people on how to lift, and help people to get in better shape. I love helping them build confidence and teach them to enjoy the process.

‘’ Fitness is a lifestyle choice and I don’t sell a quick fix… I teach them how to get the better version of themselves ’’ 

Dr. Rafael Felix Cabral


Speaker Semineres and workshops
Orthomolecular Nutrigenomics and Metabolism Specialist (FAPES -SP)
Post Graduated in Clinic Sports Nutrition – Research & Heath Institute (IPGS)
PostGradueted in Phytotherapy 
Collaborator & Whiter Website (Science Scholl)
Orthomolecular and Nutraceutics Clinic Professor- Hi Nutrition 
Consultant technician and Scientific – Probiotica Sports Supplements 
IFBB Athlete